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Conservatives Vote to Drop Same Sex Marriage Ban from Policy


Stephanie Levitz | The Canadian Press | May 28, 2016 | CTV News

VANCOUVER — Conservatives emerged from a spirited convention Saturday, ties to many of their past policies and politics severed after days of debate that many say is proof that the party is on the rebound.

The party wiped a policy opposing same sex marriage off its books Saturday…

“It’s a demonstration of the maturation of our party,” former Tory cabinet minister Peter MacKay said of the marriage resolution.

“We’re clearly recognizing the law, the realities of people’s lives and I’m heartened by the very open transparent way in which we dealt with this issue.”

The vote followed emotional debates in policy workshops Friday and on the floor Saturday with some social conservatives arguing that any leadership candidate who supported it would automatically lose their vote.

That didn’t faze candidate and MP Maxime Bernier, who spoke in favour of the motion from the convention floor.

“It’s about freedom and respect. It’s about us and telling Canadians that you can love who you want and that you can be in love,” he said.

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