Inclusive Conservatism


Tuesday | May 10 | 2016 |

By the end of the month, Canada could see a new Conservative Party rise from the ashes of October’s election loss, a party many have been waiting to see for quite some time.

In 2003, the Chretien Liberal government referred a proposed same-sex marriage bill to the Supreme Court of Canada for an opinion on its constitutionality. The Court’s response was seen as a “clear green light in favour of equal marriage”. The next year, on February 1, 2005, the Civil Marriage Act was introduced into Parliament by Chretien’s successor, Paul Martin, and received Royal Assent in July of the same year.

Winning a minority government in 2006, the Conservatives put forward a motion to restore the traditional definition of marriage. However, subsequent to the motion’s defeat after a free vote in Parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the issue had been settled and that the government would not revisit the matter.

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